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Flower bulb of the week: the tulip

18 November 2020

This week’s flower bulb of the week is the tulip. This flower looks like a turban It’s the queen of all the spring flowers. The name tulip comes from the word Tulipa. That is Latin, and it means the flower that looks like a turban. Does that seem strange…? Well, not really, not when you […]

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What does a flower bulb look like on the inside?

15 November 2020

A flower bulb is a bit like an underground storage shed and a flower factory, all at the same time. It’s really interesting to discover how flower bulbs grow into flowers. When the flower bulbs are planted, they are completely bare, with no leaves at all. Sometimes they have some roots though. Inside the flower […]

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2200 classes to plant 1.3 million flower bulbs

02 November 2020

It’s that time of year again – time to plant flower bulbs. This fall, tens of thousands of children in Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, France, England and Sweden will learn how and when to do this after receiving a flower bulb kit from Bulbs4Kids. After all, you can never start too young. More than a […]

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You and your class in the newspaper

20 October 2020

It might be nice to tell the local newspapers all about planting your Bulbs4Kids bulbs. Most newspapers like to publish articles in about what is going on in the local area, and your school could be in the spotlight. As a participating class, it’s easy to send out a press release to the local newspaper(s). […]

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The Bulbs4Kids packs are being prepared

05 October 2020

Hooray! The Bulbs4Kids packs are being prepared for shipping right now. Are you looking forward to receiving your pack? What´s inside the packs? The packs will be delivered to all participating classes in the week of Monday October 5th. The Bulbs4Kids packs include everything you will need to plant the flower bulbs with your class: […]

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Winners of the 2020 Golden Flower Bulb announced

19 June 2020

Five classes of schoolchildren – one class each in Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, England and France – are the lucky winners of the 2020 Golden Flower Bulb Award. They won this award by participating in the Bulbs4Kids flower bulb project. Bulbs4Kids These five classes received the 2020 Golden Flower Bulb Award because they and 2,125 […]

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