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The flower bulbs are waking up…

11 February 2020

Have you noticed? Those flower bulbs that you planted, which looked like they were asleep under the ground – they’re waking up! Now the sun is beginning to shine more and, very slowly, green shoots are poking their heads out above the ground. Here and there, some of them are even starting to bloom. School […]

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The flower bulbs look as if they are sleeping

20 December 2019

All your flower bulbs should now be planted in the ground in your school garden. It seems like the flower bulbs are sleeping under the ground now, quietly waiting for the spring. But actually they’re not sleeping, because a lot is happening under the ground before the spring arrives! The shoots are forming In the […]

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Everybody loves flower bulbs!

18 December 2019

All over the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Canada, 2,075 primary school classes are going out into their gardens to plant flower bulbs, as part of the Bulbs4Kids project. That’s 72,625 children all together, and 1,245,000 (one and a half million) flower bulbs! Comments We have had lots of nice comments from Bulbs4Kids participants […]

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Which classes are in the newspaper?

17 December 2019

Many classes have sent a press release to their local newspaper about planting the Bulbs4Kids bulbs. That’s really great! We’ve received a lot, and we’d like to share some of them with you. Have you been in the newspaper? Has your class been in the newspaper too? Please let us know – we’d love to […]

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Flower bulb of the week: the dwarf iris

16 December 2019

This week’s flower bulb of the week is the dwarf iris. Unusual flowers The dwarf iris is a small flower bulbthat grows about 10 centimeters tall. But don’t underestimate these little flowers, they have a very unusual shape. The buds are long and narrow, until they open… Beautiful petals unfurl, it’s wonderful to see! Interesting […]

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Many stories associated with the imperial Crown Imperial

10 December 2019

Did you know that the Crown Imperial was one of the first plants in the world to be cultivated? With such a long history behind it, this royal highness is associated with many stories. The Crown Imperial: cultivated for centuries The original habitat of the Crown Imperial includes Turkey, the southeast and west of Iran, […]

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