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Participating in Bulbs4Kids is very easy. When you register your class, you will receive a free flower bulb kit in October. But remember: only 150 kits are available, so don’t wait too long! Once your class is registered to participate, they will automatically take part in the contest for the Golden Flower Bulb.


Please note that conditions apply to participating in Bulbs4Kids:

  • The flower bulb kits are suitable for children ages 6-12 (grades 1 through 6).
  • The flower bulb kits are sent only to elementary schools in Canada.
  • Each elementary school is eligible to receive only one kit.

Contents of the Bulbs4Kids flower bulb kit

The Bulbs4Kids kit has everything your class needs to get started straightaway. It contains:

  • 400 flower bulbs
  • Bulbs4Kids instruction booklets downloads: Printable / Powerpoint
  • 1 teacher’s manual
  • 10 gardening trowels
  • 15 plant markers

The contest to win the Golden Flower Bulb

Send in photos and/or videos of your “discovering flower bulbs” activities and you just might win the Golden Flower Bulb. This visual material should be sent to, our website or to our Facebook / X page.

Photo/video opportunities

October – Designing: Have the class design their flower bulb garden. Take a picture or make a video of the design process and send this in.

October – Planting time: Have the class plant the flower bulbs according to their design. Take a picture or make a video of the planting activity and send this in.

February – The first shoots: Take a picture or make a video of the first shoots emerging from the ground and send this in.

March – June  – In full bloom: Take a picture or make a video of your flower bulb garden in full bloom and send this in.

The class with the most beautiful flower bulb garden will win the Golden Flower Bulb.

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