11 April 2023

Primary schools can now start registering to receive a free flower bulb kit from Bulbs4Kids. Bulbs4Kids is an international campaign meant to acquaint children in primary schools with the world of nature by means of hands-on activities that are also fun. There are 2,100 kits available, 150 of which are for Canadese primary schools. Green […]

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The flower bulbs are waking up…

13 February 2023

Have you noticed? Those flower bulbs that you planted, which looked like they were asleep under the ground – they’re waking up! Now the sun is beginning to shine more and, very slowly, green shoots are poking their heads out above the ground. Here and there, some of them are even starting to bloom. School […]

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Bulbs4Kids coloring sheet

31 January 2023

It’s getting colder outside, so it’s time to do some fun things indoors instead. And that’s what this Bulbs4Kids coloring sheet is for. Coloring sheet

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