Flower bulbs in the garden

Flower bulbs can be planted in many places in a garden: in the grass, under or among shrubs, and between other smaller plants. To plant flower bulbs, start by loosening the soil.

Then dig a planting bed. This is a hole with a flat bottom. The depth of the hole should be the same everywhere. Arrange all the flower bulbs of the same kind in the planting bed. Don’t plant them in straight rows but in little groups. This will make them look a lot more natural. Here is a list of flower bulbs and how deep and far apart they should be planted:

Kind of bulb Planting depth Distance
Daffodil 6-8 inches  6 inches
Tulip 4-6 inches 4 inches
Crocus 4 inches 3 inches
Hyacinth 8 inches 6 inches
Snowdrop 2-4 inches 2-3 inches

Once the bulbs are arranged in the bed, cover them with the soil you dug out before. Write the names of the flower bulbs on the plant markers. Stick the marker into the soil where you planted the flower bulbs. This way, you will know where you planted your flower bulbs later on. If a severe freeze is predicted, cover the planting beds with a layer of dry leaves.

It would also be nice for your class to plant flower bulbs around the school, in a school garden or in planters on the school grounds. Your school would then look colourful next spring. Flower bulbs start becoming available in garden centers, supermarkets and even in department stores in September.


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